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Formeco designs and produces Solvent distillation equipment Units, Waste Water Evaporators and Solvent Recovery Systems. Born in 1977, manufacturing in a its facility, located in Northern Italy (4000 sq. m indoor – 10000 sq.m outdoor), Formeco has installed more than 36.000 machines, keeping the world-wide leadership position on this field. Common in all Formeco units is quality, workmanship and dedication to total customer satisfaction. Formeco examines customer’s problems and simulates the recycling process with his waste by means of pilot test units. If the right plant is not included in the existing production line, Formeco builds a specific apparatus ( solvent distillation equipments) for the customer.

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solvent distillation equipments , solvent recovery system
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Используя принцип простой дистилляции из растворителя выделяются загрязняющие элементы (смолы, полимеры, пигменты, краски, масла и т.д.). Выпаривание загрязненного растворителя происходит внутри бака, помещенного в оболочку наполненную диатермическим маслом, которое нагревается нагревательным резистором.

Образовавшиеся пары проходят через конденсор, который охлаждается воздухом или водой. Полученный таким образом чистый растворитель собирается в резервуаре и готов к дальнейшему использованию.

В случае жидкостных загрязнителей, осадок после процесса дистилляции выгружается простым переворачиванием установки. В случае твердых загрязнителей, осадок остается в выбрасываемом пакете “Rec-Bag”, тем самым исключается ручной труд оператора. Характеристики обрабатываемого растворителя не меняются в процессе дистилляции, что позволяет повторять процесс очистки неограниченное количество раз. Solvent distillation equipments


The units of the DIstatic series are distillers which allow the recycling and the re-use degreasing and washing solvents. Through a simple distillation process, they separate the contaminants (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, oils, etc.) from the original solvent. The boiling of the solvent is accomplished by a peripheral heating jacket filled with diathermic oil, heated by an electrical element. The vapours are then convoyed to a condenser cooled by air or water. The condensed solvent is collected in a tank, for its reuse. The contaminants remain as a residue inside a disposable bag named “Rec-Bag” or by tilting the unit itself. Solvent distillation equipments

The distilled solvent characteristics are not altered by the distillation process, which can be carried on repeatedly.

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Our certifications

Formeco provides : each unit with Conformity Certificates issued by the most important European Countries delivered with a detailed instruction booklet in customer’s language and the sureness of a full warranty. Formeco offers : the assurance of a technical service network throughout the World ; a telephone line is at customer’s disposal with skilled technicians who speak your language. Producing systems for the treatment of solvents, water and acid, FORMECO offers a complete solution to the industry pollution problems, contributing to the environmental protection.

solvent distillation equipments

solvent distillation equipments