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An emulsion is a mixture of two or more normally immiscible liquids, usually composed by mainly water and oil (mostly cutting fluids for metal working).

The obligatory disposal of these streams of liquid coming from the industrial processes are more and more expensive, due to the environmental rules and a growing policy which encourage the recycling of raw materials and the zero discharge.

An excellent way for treating this mixture is by evaporation, a process which allows to separate oil and water and that does not require, normally, any additional chemical. The distilled water, clean and transparent, can be reused in the production process, avoiding its disposal.

The distillation residue (oil), the volume of which will be drastically reduced in comparison with the original volume of the emulsion stream, will be conferred to a specialized Company.


Formeco Emulsion Treatment Units are fully automatic compact evaporators which can be used to treat a wide range of wastewaters from many industrial processes, including oil emulsions, coolants, degreasing solutions and many more. 

Formeco Emulsion Treatment Units solve the industrial polluted water disposal problem, by highly concentrating the contaminating products and recovering the distilled purified water that can therefore be reused in the production cycle or disposed to drain.

This means great money saving whilst helping the environment.

The best result is obtained by combining the technology of the vacuum evaporator to that of the Formeco concentration units.
In the first step, the vacuum evaporator will reduce up to 90% the liquid which is supposed to be disposed of.
In the following step, the new Formeco technology in concentration units allows to further eliminate disposal costs by concentrating the remaining 10% of your wastewater.


Heat pump technology vacuum evaporator

Formeco Emulsion Treatment Units use the combined technologies of heat pump and vacuum evaporation that maximise yield with low energy consumption. Under vacuum the boiling point of water can be reduced to 35 – 40° C; by the heat pump technology the same  circuit is used for heating and condensing as well, reducing considerably the amount of energy required. The process separates the water from the polluting products such as oils and greases, producing high quality clear distilled water and a reduced quantity of liquid concentrate. This low energy system results in a power consumption which is up to 7 times less than a common atmospheric evaporator. Plus, you get the added benefit of recovering your water to use again. No pumps are required for loading waste liquids or for discharging the clean treated water, eliminating any possible potential problem with pumps.  The PLC touch screen control panel, easy to set, shows all process functions and any faults can be easily identified quickly.Thanks to its special design the unit is not particularly noisy while working and it can be sited right next to the process equipment.


Model Ci LCD

Through a simple distillation process, it separates the contaminants (normally paint, but also resins, pigments, inks and oils, depending on the application field) from the water, which is recovered in a separate tank for its reuse. At the end of the process the contaminant remains in the bottom of the boiler and it can be easily unloaded by tilting the plant or by the use of “Rec Bags”.

The boiling of the water is accomplished by a peripheral heating jacket filled with diathermic oil, heated by an electrical element. The vapours are then conveyed to a condenser, cooled by air circulation (or, optionally by water in open circuit). The distilled water is collected in a tank ready for reuse. During the process the plant does not produce any emissions.

This process allows for the residue from the evaporation to be furtherly treated with this concentration unit. 

The resulting concentrate can therefore  be disposed of as neat oil  avoiding disposal costs



FORMECO, born in 1971, manufactures in the production facility located in Northern Italy, 4,200 m2 indoor on an area of 10,000 m2.

Installing more than 40,000 machines, Formeco holds a world-wide leadership position in the production of recycling machines for wastewater and solvents.

FORMECO means:
• an advanced technical design centre
• an equipped laboratory for a preliminary assessment of the product to be treated to give the most suitable appliance
• a complete set of industrial pilot test units

FORMECO products FORMECO, characterized by high quality standards, are certified by Authorized International Institutes.
FORMECO plug & play devices are subjected to strict functional tests prior to shipment.
Equipped with detailed manuals, they enable immediate installation and commissioning.





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our technical and commercial staff can communicate in different languages, including: Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian.

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when necessary, thanks to a pilot plants equipped lab, it is possible to make some distillation tests on a sample of wastewater brought in by the client. Together with the tested samples a technical report will be delivered for an evaluation based on effective data.

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our staff will be able to propose the most effective evaporator for the treatment of your wastewater. For a drastic reduction of disposal costs with a guaranteed return on investment, a vacuum evaporator is the winning choice.

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